Ho Chi Minh City, June 27th, 2019


Aeho Solutions, the specialist in digitized product sheets for retail industries, closed 200,000 USD in seed rounds with a group of private investors in 3 weeks, enabling it to commercialize its first SaaS solution.





Aeho Solutions ambition:  Become the market reference solution for product information within ASEAN.


It has taken a year to create Aeho’s PIM (Product Information Management), which is a complete solution to optimize product information management for brands and distributors. It aims to improve the customer’s experience buying experience each step of the way, both online and offline.


Aeho Solutions will propose online subscriptions for SMEs and customized offers for larger companies. The solutions will allow brands and retailers to centralize, improve, and monitor their product information in real time in our secured single source of truth. With this, companies can also share the information with all of their partners.


The Aeho app will offer an automated import tool, API connections with major e-commerce platforms, a specific export tool for offline distribution channels, an advanced multimedia management system, a fast and efficient product listing module, multilingual management, and e-catalogues and print. Enjoy new functionalities like better organization charts, product creation workflow, and fast notifications.


A User-centric solution


Aeho Solutions offers a user-centered framework that will support each teammate transition towards this digital transformation. Each member will be able to manage his own on boarding at his own pace and then use daily a user-friendly app, thought to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, simple, and effective.


About Aeho


Aeho Solutions genesis came to light when the founding team realized that retails struggled to provide complete product information to their customers. In order to develop the first digitized product sheets for ASEAN countries, Charles Augis and Rémi Nguyen started Aeho’s adventure in the summer of 2018. Aeho’s intuitive and secure  application enables marketing and sales teams to easily manage their entire product catalog, collaborate more effectively with partners, and increase productivity while providing a better customer experience. Aeho Solutions aims to support the digital transformation of product information via a secured SaaS solution and provide an individualized, unique user experience.

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