Being a distributor requires you to do two jobs, the brand and the distributor jobs.


To help you optimize your time, increase your productivity and sell more, Aeho developped a specific solution for you!

BtoB BtoC

Being at the same time brand and retailer, it's the distributor's daily life. Marketing, control, translation, standardization, distribution, the scope of activities is wide. How lucky you are, Aeho's too!

Act like a brand

Spread the same complete and accurate product information from one secured solution to your teams in stores, your website, your facebook page, your customer service for a high-end product experience across all sales channels.

Data entry / Standardize supplier content

Your customers are more and more informed and aware of food safety, health and environmental concerns. Lead the trend with an enriching collaboration with your suppliers and an endless improvement.

Go-to market / Listing

Connect Aeho directly to your solutions. Secure the brands and deliver impacting catalogues with the last updated content and pictures.

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