Your suppliers processes are as diverse as their products! 


Standardize the collection of information, manage products life cycle, share best practices and drive continuous improvement are real challenges to resolve in order to increase your productivity and deliver a better consumer experience.

Go-to market / Listing

With the constant product chaining and new arrivals, an effective listing management is strategic to increase both margin and sales. Set up a seamless and effective process to strongly reduce go-to-market lead time.


Spread the same complete and accurate product information from one secured solution to your teams in stores, your website, your facebook page, your customer service for a high-end product experience across all sales channels.

Improve quality

Your customers are more and more informed and aware of food safety, health and environmental concerns. Lead the trend with an enriching collaboration with your suppliers and an endless improvement.


Connect Aeho directly to your solutions. Secure the brands and deliver impacting catalogues with the last updated content and pictures.

Standardize suppliers content

Build and provide a standardized digitized flow to manage the initial capture of information and regular updates, reduce control, back and forths and deploy your marketing team on value added tasks

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