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5 tips to make your customers to trust you

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

How do customers choose to buy your product instead of hundreds of other competitors? The answer is consumers’ belief in your brand.

Building trust for customers is putting the first core bricks to create a solid reputation wall for businesses because no one wants to spend money on an unreliable brand.

Bonding is hard to build, and it takes time in order to create strong ones; here are some tips that help to leverage the relationship with every single customer:

1. Make a great impression from the first time

You only have an opportunity to impress new customers and it is really difficult to adjust afterward. It will cost a great amount of expense for retaining customers if you fail to deliver the first great impression. In order to improve bring customers the most dedicated services from the first try, leverage customer services or improve service attitudes is a must. For new customers, the best ways to approach them are well-qualified services and an appropriate caring attitude, which helps strengthen their trust in the brand.

2. Improve your product's quality

Product quality - a vital element of the business, a direct tool in winning customers' trust. What happens if a customer receives a product that is not as advertised? They will find themselves cheated, frustrated and dissatisfied, so even if a single customer reflects on this, you should check and analyze the case. Keep it in mind that improving product quality should never be excluded from the journey of gaining the customer’s trust.

3. Enhance brand's security

You have to make sure that your customers feel safe when shopping with you. Customers rarely buy products with perplexing and a wordy description, so you should provide compendious and quality information for customers. Reducing redundant procedures while shopping will help increase the brand’s transparency displaying good feedback from your previous customers. Even if they do not sell their products through e-commerce platforms, customers will still want to know more about the brand and their thoughts about your business's liability can be improved significantly.

4. Keep your promises all the time

Try not to break the promises with customers because it will drag down the brand trust quickly over time. Not fulfilling promises also make customers have a negative look towards your brand. For example, if the product has a shelf life of 3 years, you should report for 2 years, if the goods are delivered within 5 days, tell the customer that it takes 1 week for the goods to arrive. This will minimize the breaking of your promises.

5. Always be available

Your brand should always stand and be supportive as quickly as possible in any scenario. On the main websites, displaying a hotline or chatbox can quickly increase your conversion rate. In this way the customer can feel cared for and supported, they will trust you even more if you are always available to solve all their unexpected problems.

Make sure your brand is reachable in multiple approaches - and if you have a dedicated customer service representative, please provide that person's mobile number in an emergency. Getting rid of scripts and formulaic responses, training your staff to counsel customers conscientiously instead. Make sure your customers feel heard and appreciated and then gain trust from them.

Trust is the cornerstone of all customer experiences. It can not be built in a day, but it can be destroyed instantly. Pay close attention to building customer’s trust for every single entity. By following those steps on a regular basis, you will manage to win their trust naturally and stably.


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