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How to give the best shopping experience online & offline to your customers?

It goes without saying that ‘’Customer is the king” has become a motto that any brand knows by heart. Everything you build can come to an end if you disappoint "these kings". Thus, whatever the extent of your business is, it's important to focus on improving customer experience.

67% of B2C consumers and 74% of B2B business buyers say they’ll pay more for a great experience. Besides products and services, providing your customers with great experience has proven to be competitiveness in making a difference for businesses. Here are tips to help you improve your shopping experience with both online and offline shopping:

Start with your online sales channels:

No matter what you are selling, whether it is a product or a service, customers are looking forward to trusting your brand. Therefore, product information is key. Knowing that your customers will check out your product or service on different online sales channels, you have to ensure data standardization across these channels to leverage the best online experience for your customers.

Basically, it is to make sure they will find the exact information that they are looking for.

When they engage with your online sales campaign, they will start looping themselves in the following questions :

  • Do I trust this brand?

  • Do I believe this product could match my needs?

  • Is it the best product on the market for what I need?

These questions are looking for technical, usage, emotional answers.

Hence, we’d like to share with you tips of 10 mandatory information you should work on to ensure an enhanced experience for your customers:

  1. EAN

  2. Commercial Brand

  3. Commercial Name

  4. Family or product

  5. Category

  6. Product description

  7. Composition

  8. How to use

  9. Benefits for user

  10. Size/Packaging

10 seconds to convince...

Pictures - the most realistic mirror reflecting the quality of product and service. According to the Nielsen Group, the majority of users will decide if they want to stay on your website within the first 10-20 seconds of viewing. No matter how well-written your content is, you still have to use attractive images to get viewers' attention. You write a lot of content to convey a message but an image can communicate with your customers much more effectively without words. Investing in the best quality pictures on your website will do much good to the communication process between customers and brands thereby the higher chance they will come back to your website.

Reviews - tangible factors that make it easier for customers to trust your website. If viewing your website is about discovering your product, then reading comments creates the feeling that they are testing the product without having to pay any trial cost. In order to make this experience more realistic and multi-dimensional, you should not show only good reviews but hide unwanted ones; you want to avoid bad press.

Offline, how to improve customer experience?

To run your business effectively, the seller must be the most knowledgeable about their products, but it's hard for the human brain to remember an excessive amount of information for every product, it is time-consuming and not efficient when it comes to memorizing. And every brand also needs to provide sellers with complete and product quality information to avoid any uncertainty of the items clients choose. Thus, digitizing and standardizing your product information on an online platform enables everyone in your team to access, to search in an easier way and thereby they can answer customers' questions as clear as possible, in time to close deals faster. Thanks to this, the customer experience will flourish without fail.

Maximizing shopping comforts plays an important role in bringing great experience to customers. It means that you should show the timely attention, observe to know what they need and use flexible communication skills to reach and advise them. In addition, using the phygital in retail stores also brings a new and more convenient experience to consumers, helps them choose and retains the brand more effectively.

Customer trust - the key that leads to customer retention. It is essential that establishing trust with buyers will also improve their experience. 57% of customers prefer to shop online, while 31% of shoppers insist on visiting the physical shop. It can be explained by the fact that consumers have become so demanding that they are no longer rely on sales like before, thanks to the advance of the online searching process today which is faster and more effective. The business has to identify your own strengths that you think will be the reason customers choose you so that you can take care and communicate with your customers to win their trust better, ensuring security for your business.

“Customer experience will continue as a major factor in how companies do business”. By grasping the strategy to improve the quality of omnichannel experience, companies will not only make a good impression but also win the customer's heart. The more effort you make to comfort your customers, the more purchase they will make for your brand.


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