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Digital platforms boost collaboration between distributors and brands

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

With the raise of omnichannel strategies, brands and distributors need to provide more standardized information while being as personalized and illustrative as possible.

They should also entail a degree of transparency and a certain closeness to brands by recognizing and meeting customers’ expectations in their purchasing habits both online and offline.

Customers’ behaviour patterns drive brands and distributors to collaborate with each other and also with other departments within businesses such as marketing, sales, and logistics teams.

That being said, there are two main hurdles that stand in the way.

  • The first challenge is to overcome: silos. Silos in the business environment create issues and can affect productivity because one branch fails to understand how another part of the business operates.

  • The second challenge to manage: phase out data silos. Data silos occur when data is isolated by different tools and not shared across business units or are shared via incompatible sources such as Excel, Dropbox, and e-mail.

For brands and distributors, those silos represent a significant loss of productivity, accompanied by an increase of mistakes, poorly calculated risks, and a subpar data that affects the customers’ experience. The bottom line being; companies may lose 3% of their net margin earning, according to survey.

To speed up and simplify this collaboration, new digital levers have been appearing, in particular PXM (Product Experience Management,) which is the perfect combination between PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Data Asset Management).

These tools confer with users to create a single repository with reliable quality data for the entire company. And, to play a central role in digitizing and standardizing product information to facilitate the collaboration between brands and distributors.

A real boost in collaborative digitization

Activated in a SaaS model (Software as a Service), PXM is a platform that’s easily accessible, secure, and can be used by any type of organization. There’s no need for deployment or IT maintenance; one online connection is enough.

As a hub, PXM centralizes product data and, hence, ends various silos by being a single source of information that everyone can access.

Brands and distributors can benefit from this platform for both online and offline business via productivity gains and the potential to increase sales. Indeed, they also facilitate and accelerate product listings and content sharing for consumers while reducing overhead costs. It allows for more flexibility in commercial settings.

In a world where consumers understand the digital opportunities, PXM platforms are crucial strategic levers in accelerating the digitization of brands and distributors.


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