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Discover the revenue power of Customer Care

When thinking of a long term relationship with the customers, selling is just the initial step of the whole process, the rest will focus more on the customer care of its business in direct relation with the customers. This will build consumers’ trust and thereby perfect their buying experience. So these three following reasons will answer why customer care is as important as sales.

Increase the pool of royalty, maintain the quality for retention. In the past, the means of helping customers find product’s information were very narrow but thanks to internet development, it becomes extremely easy, information about a product is now rampant on many channels but accessing too much information makes buyers started to consider carefully before making any buying decisions. Therefore, take good care of customers will make them leave a good impression, create satisfaction and trust for the company, and that is the best way to make them choose your brand for the next purchase. Across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. A customer care staff represents for the whole company, so all processes from communication, consulting, supporting must be customer-centered, focused on their problem and personalize their experience. It will help customers feel they are listening and appreciating your brand. Businesses that have good post-purchase care show not only their qualities but also respect for their customers.

Attract potential customers. Making customers to be contented with the experience after buying helps the company increase retention rate and maintain a long-term relationship. A dissatisfied customer will make you lose approximately 9 to 15 potential customers just by sharing or reviewing their experiences, whereas a satisfied buyer will share only 4-6 people. Therefore, when you take care of a customer well and make them feel gratified about both the quality of products and services, and those are the best ways to strengthen the reputation of the business and raise plenty of new customers.

Reduce business costs. It costs at least 6-7 times the cost expense to acquire a new user than to retain an existing one. Therefore, it is important for businesses to maintain a good relationship with customers through customer care from the first purchase because it will help them to reduce the time, effort and money in the process of dealing with customer complaints and queries. Improving client service will not only increase the likelihood of further sales but also makes customers happier and become loyal. As a result of keeping customers, the brand maintains a relatively stable customer base which will save significant costs to find new customers.

Price is not the main reason for customer churn; it is actually due to the overall poor quality of customer service Accenture global customer satisfaction report 2008.

Understanding that, here are some customer care elements that help to manage your business in the most optimal way:

Using Omnichannel customer CRM (Customer relationship management). According to a survey conducted by Aspect Software, businesses that adopt omnichannel strategies achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t. By combining data from other systems, the brand has a holistic view of each customer’s journey with them and then offer solutions tailored to each customer's needs. Thanks to the innovative solution, client service (customer care) are able to support seamlessly and consistently without repeated tasks throughout different channels. Consistency in customer care earns loyalty and long-term value while improving their performance and experience.

Training your service team based on PIM (Product Information Management) solution. What will happen if a buyer complains but the support service does not understand the product information well? Surely they will not be satisfied if you solve the problem in a sluggish and discretion way. With a robust PIM, everything will be simpler, it gives your supporting customer team time and the ability to ensure that your product information is compelling, up-to-date, consistent and connected in one platform. Higher quality and more comprehensive product data including impactful emotional information converts customers at a higher rate and helps you to sell more with fewer returns. Training employees in this way enables them to respond and take care of customers to meet their expectations as quickly as possible and to deliver a great customer experience.

Personalizing customer’s experiences. It becomes a need in modern trade when 33% of consumers who abandoned a business relationship in 2016 did so because personalization was lacking. Instead of relying on one process to address all customers you can make use of customer data to make personal recommendations based on purchase history, choice of items and frequency. Because customer's goals and needs are different so caring based on their needs could be the one thing that solidifies their decision to do business with you.

When prices and marketing activities are saturated, and shoppers are crammed with too many messages from advertising, customer service will increasingly assert a decisive role in business. Therefore, each brand should focus on customer care to create a foothold in the market.


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