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Why brick & mortar retail will never die?

Brick & Mortar retail never dies (Credit: Clark Street Mercantile)

Ever since E-commerce catches on, it has completely changed our shopping method. A variety of websites and online shopping apps are opened every day, millions of people choose online shopping instead of going to stores. The question is why retailers always make an attempt at opening stores despite the fact that revenue from online ordering has gradually become a relatively growing figure? And why would in-store retail never die?

These four following reasons will answer the fore-mentioned questions:

1. Meet three complex human needs:

Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, direct retail stores have satisfied customers’ desire for harmony. Take a look at the reality at the mall or on the street, people tend to go shopping with whom they have a close-knit relationship before making a buying decision.

Next, with respect to demand, 82% of U.S. consumers say they stopped trading with a company due to unpleasant customer experience, brick and mortar stores played a very important role in creating a good experience for customers from welcoming, consulting, helping to make customers more satisfied and retaining their loyalty.

And finally, help them feel their “self-actualization”. Imagine walking out of the mall with the enjoyment of being able to shop in a physical environment, carrying bags full of your favorite products, interacting in person, shopping with all your most real experience. You can do everything you like to discover products, to choose attractive designs and to buy things that suit your personality best. All of these activities bring you a better lively feeling than online shopping.

2. Maintain and strengthen consumer’s trust in the brand:

Have you ever been in two minds once ordering online for fear that your product would not look like how it is advertised? Or have you ever wondered whether this size will fit, this color will match and whether the material is worth your money? These questions naturally come up because when shopping online, the product becomes intangible, you can’t touch, hear, see or feel it, let alone believing what the seller is trying to say. Trust is an important factor in business, the conversion rate will be very low if you do not provide quality product information on your website to create a trust for customers. Unlike online retail, the buyer assesses the quality of the product first hand so it will minimize their uncertainties about the item. This can be explained that direct selling is basically everything about perception and feeling. The more reliable your brand is, the higher the chance is that they will choose you as their next trustworthy supplier.

As a matter of fact, 10 percent increase in customer retention levels would result in a 30 percent increase in the value of the company. Therefore, whatever type of retail it is, you still have to consider prioritizing improving customer experience and customer retention

3. Eliminate delivery risks

When shopping in a store, you do not need to be anxious about whether the shipping process will cause any damage to the product or wait a couple of days for delivery which is totally out of the question. Moreover, it is evident that estimating shipping costs will be troublesome whereas you only need to drive to the store to choose products and take them home.

4. Phygital — the transition to a new page of the traditional retail industry.

Physical and Digital’s relationship is not a threat but complement each other. If you already have an E-commerce store selling products, it is vital that a brick and mortar store to build a direct physical connection with your customers and it would be much helpful. Vice versa, if you are the owner of a traditional retail store, setting up a website would be ideal as customers can refer to your items in advance.

Many companies around the world now include digital technology in their retail systems. For example, Nike with the pop-up store for the introduction of the Air Max 720 line of shoes has launched a virtual store where shoppers can only access limited edition items with credits earned from the previous purchases. With this virtual store, Nike has leverage loyal customers’ experience.

Retailers have the power to offer various promo codes online due to mass access traffic from everywhere so that buyers can make use of them at whether checkout or pickup method.

Retail stores are opened to materialize the mission of the business, to let clients experience the quality of products, services, advertising spontaneously in real space. And retailers are constantly making efforts to improve and enhance customers’ shopping experience. So retail brick & mortar will not only never go out of style, but also develop in tandem with our society.


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