What is Aeho's PIM? 

A PIM (product information management) digitizes and centralizes your product information into a secured and up-to-date online platform.


Product information is all the content that helps your customers taking a buying decision.

Aeho PIM will help you to increase both your productivity and your sales.

Why using a PIM ?

Offer a great customer experience at each touchpoint.

Gather your product information in one online dedicated solution.

Provide an optimum product data quality across all channels.

Improve the collaboration both internally and externally to streamline your processes.

Who needs a PIM ?

Marketing Team

Enrich, manage and share you product information towards your sales channels in real time.

Sales team

Share your product catalogue in a blink of the eye with your customers.

Data governance

Help team members to access the correct content at the right moment.


A fast, go-to market tool to boost conversion rates with optimized content and media.

IT team

Secure data and integrate IT members into Aeho.

What kind of data stored in a PIM ? 


Composition, specifications, listing documents,...


Descriptions, scenarios, tips,...


Brand and product story, brand values, societal concerns,...


Pictures, print, videos, banners,...

Discover how aeho PIM supports

your business

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